Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Beginning Part Two

Sometimes in life there is going to be second part to the whole story. Walking into this life changing adventure, I never thought there would be a second part to our story. But here it is. Staring me straight in the face.

My husband and I made the decision to take on the plunge once again. After being in Missouri with our new (now old) job, we are packing up to move home. Many of you may be asking, “why?”… We decided that with our growing family, this opportunity wasn't going suit our family needs for when the little peanut arrives. The two months while we were here; we got to meet amazing new friends, explore this beautiful state and learn a lot of life lessons.

On our journey home, we will be making a detour to see family in Florida. Yes, I said Florida. It’s quite the detour but we couldn’t be more excited to do so. I might add that I haven’t met these wonderful people I call family. Smiles spread across my face as now I get to put faces to names and spend some quality time with them.

But before I start posting about another journey that we are about to take on. I will be posting about the fun adventures we were able to have while staying here. See you all in a couple days!!

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